What is search engine optimisation

In the online world, search engine optimisation (or optimzation if you're American) is part of any new business or website model. The tag word is SEO or for it's full title search engine optimisation. For a beginner in web business, the practice of search engine optimisation may seem very foreign and confusing, although the overall principle of the popular marketing tool is quite simple.

At its most basic definition, SEO is the practice of using techniques that will increase a websites rank in a search engine directory. This is done by a various techniques that can be both technical and organic.

The reasons for search engine optimisation are varied, although most people practice it in order to increase their sales revenues directly from a higher search rank. The higher a website ranks in a search engines directory, the more people will stumble upon the site in question while surfing the internet.

The more people who access a website, the higher the chances that a particular website will become a profit driven website, which in turn generates higher monthly revenues. Thus, SEO practices are used with the intention of increasing how profitable and/or valuable a website can be.

People utilize SEO tactics in different ways, with some choosing to build their own website SEO value by using basic SEO tactics, for others, choosing to hire a professional SEO company to handle their website's SEO tactics.

While many of the tasks may seem simple, many are actually very technical, which is why if you are unfamiliar with the world of SEO, as a new website owner it may be easier to trust someone else to handle the task.

Additionally, search engine optimisation tactics can be very time consuming, as a large part is to do continual updates in order to maintain or build a high search ranking. Thus, it is not always practical to try to handle every SEO tactic on your own, although if you understand the tactics it is certainly to your benefit to use every SEO tool as part of your marketing campaign when possible.

With the increase of SEO marketing online it is now becoming quite rare for a website to accidentally land in the top ten of search rankings, simply by being authoritative and informational. Instead, if you want to become one of the top websites in your field, you will need to use an SEO marketing campaign to drive your website to the top.