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It's all in a name? was originally set up to be a paintball company rather than a UK domain broker / online company. So what happened?

With many so called 'new media' companies focusing entirely on supplying a service to the corporate/individual client, Stung has evolved from initial business plans and ideas into a UK domain broker business that also owns some of the valuable online real estate you keep hearing about. So we also sell domain names to people who want to set up a website.

Stung Limited own a range of generic's such as "", "", "" and "" through to common phrase domains like "bed quilts", "rugby sevens" and "home entertainment systems".

Stung Limited is able to buy and sell domains to you direct from our comprehensive portfolio at a range of prices from £250 up to £xxx,xxx.

You may have already visited one of our many minisites that we own and operate that target niche verticals (topics). But what if you want to make use of our domain finding service or brokerage?

Buying our UK Domains

All of our domains are available to buy - provided the price is right. We are not into charging £5k for a domain worth £500 (there are plenty that do), however we do have a minimum price for any domain - £250+VAT. This covers our admin time and renewing the domain for you (if applicable).

Once we have received your money, we transfer the domain to a registrar of your choice within 24 hours.

Want to find a Particular Domain?

If you want a specific type of domain for a new project or website, to update your existing website or just for fun, regardless of the topic (milk, logging, adult, bedding or investment) then let us use our contacts to find domains that suit your budget and might be of interest. The process takes about 2 weeks in total for us to find and deliver suggestions back to you.


UK Domains for Sale :

domains for sale

Over 200 premium domains including :;; and more.

We reserve the right to remove domains at any time.


Latest projects :


Ski & snowboard network 2013 Stung Limited have relaunched a ski and snowboard site with over 600 ski resorts from across the world listed. Although not 100% complete, there's hundreds of pages of reviews of the world's leading resorts, ski operators, independent chalet and hotel companies, insurance, flights, car hire and more.

Check out to read more.